50 Hessian Sandbags - Empty

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Our Hessian Sandbags offer an eco-friendly solution to a range of applications including flood defence, weighing down street signs, and protecting soldiers from enemy fire and extreme weather conditions during military operations.

This product is supplied empty and has a tie string at the mouth to allow easy closing after filling. It is both bio-degradable and recyclable. One sandbag will require approximately 14kg of sand - remember to only fill your sandbag up to three quarters full as it can then be moulded easily into the right shape.


  • Useful for many different applications - building temporary walls, flood control, weighing down road signs, fitness training and military fortifications
  • Practical solution for the MOD, councils, construction sector and sports industry
  • Made from bio-degradable and recyclable material
  • Fabricated design provides excellent protection against water
  • Tie string at the mouth to allow easy closing after filling
  • One sandbag will require approximately 14kg of sand
  • Quantities of 100, 500 or 1000 also available (discounts on larger quantities)
  • Option to add the Sandbag Filler Pro
  • Can also be supplied pre-filled (See Related Products)

Hessian Sandbags are a proven and reliable method, having been used extensively for flood protection for many years. They are a slightly more expensive alternative to the standard 70gsm WPP sandbags but provide excellent protection from water due to their fabricated design.

Please Note: Hessian Sandbags should be used within 4 weeks of purchase due to biodegrading as soon as they get wet.

Optional Sandbag Filler Pro

The Sandbag Filler Pro offers a rapid response solution to flooding incidents and when military fortifications are needed in dire situations.

This innovative product fills your sandbags 500% faster than the traditional shovelling method. It enables a single person to quickly and efficiently fill a sandbag without the need for assistance.

How It Works

Secure the sandbag around the bottom of the SandBag Filler Pro and use the other end (scoop mechanism) to scoop the sand. The sand slides out of the hole on the back of the filler, and into the attached bag.

Bag Dimensions (Empty) - mm 330 (w) x 790 (l)
Bag Dimensions (Full) - mm 250 x 500 x 100 High (Approx)
Construction Material Natural Hessian Jute Fabric