Plant Nappy – Everything You Need To Know

We supply a popular range of Plant Nappy’s – but how exactly do they work?!

How Do They Work?

The Plant nappy is a new way of ensuring that spill containment is effective outdoors. In the UK, there is always a chance of rain, but we don’t want to be emptying or changing spill containment on a regular basis as they fill with rainwater. Plant Nappy’s avoid this issue in a way that drip trays cannot.

The Plant Nappy is an effective flexible spill containment as it operates using a filter principle, effectively filtering out oil and hydrocarbons from water. This allows water to escape through the side walls as pure clean water, whilst oil or fuel is caught and soaked up by the inner of the plant nappy.

What Are They Made From?

The Plant Nappy’s are made from permeable material, which is a material that allows certain liquids to pass through it.

The base material is manufactured from woven Olefin fabric coated with Olefin resin. This is a non-permeable fabric, laminated with an oil soak filter. The top cover is manufactured from vinyl coated polyester mesh with permeable top fabric to allow free passage of contaminants.

The side walls are constructed from permeable foam that allows free passage of water but not oil.

Advantages of Plant Nappies

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Temperature resistance from -20°C to 107°C
  • Melting point of 157°C

Along with our Plant Nappy range, we also offer Plant Nappy Liners. These are a useful addition to complete and extend the product life of the Plant Nappy.

They can be used for oil-only equipment and they sit snug onto the base of the Plant Nappy. They also have a non-permeable base but a tough permeable top cover which allows free passage of contaminants.

The liners have the ability to be easily removed and cleaned by squeezing out the oil into a suitable receptacle, and then replacing for reuse. These liners also have the ability to hold up to 4.5 litres of liquid.

To view our range of Plant Nappy’s and liners click here. Starting from only £11.99 (ex VAT).