Spill Containment – Which Products Are Right For You?

We supply a range of spill containment products, all of which help businesses comply with the UK’s laws and regulations – but which products should you buy?!

Drain Covers


This product range features 4 types of products, 3 of which come in varied sizes.

  • Drain Protection Kit

This product is ideal for industries where emergency drain protection may be required at any time. The vinyl holdall and the kit are lightweight, which provides easy transportation. The kit features sealing granules and a neoprene drain mat which is resistant to oil, wax and grease and can withstand temperatures between -50ᵒC to 120ᵒC.

  • Bentonite Clay Drain Mat

These drain mats are ideal for high protection, single use. These are manufactured from chemically inert clay, meaning it will not react to or with any chemicals. They are also flexible and malleable so will manually form a tight seal around the drain, including any uneven surfaces.

  • Polyurethane Drain Cover

These drain covers are ideal for heavy duty use as they are resistant to ripping and wear. The soft rubber edges mould itself to the area surrounding the drain and they are compatible with most spills, except extremely aggressive chemicals.

  • Mechanical Drain Cover

These mechanical drain covers are the most effective method of drain protection. They can be used multiple times, are completely oil resistant and can be locked into place over the drain, creating a tight seal for maximum fluid resistance.

Drip Trays


This product range is ideal for smaller spill containment indoor, or under covered areas to prevent the pallet from filling with rainwater.

  • Spill Tray – Without Grate

These products are ideal for storing 20-litre drums and are lightweight industrial grade construction.

  • Spill Tray – With Grate

These spill trays are also suitable for storing 20-litre drums, yet they feature a grate which is used to keep the drums out of the spill area.

  • BundiQuick – Pop-Up Bund Drip Tray

BundiQuick is a fast, flexible, portable bund for rapid response to a spill indoors or outdoors. This self-extending bladder system contains a spill as it happens, reducing or even eliminating costly and time-consuming clean-ups.

Spill Pallets


Similar to the drip trays, yet this spill pallet range is ideal for larger spill containment, indoors or outdoors.

  • Spill Pallet – 2 & 4 Drum Capacity

These spill pallets are perfect for use around warehouses to keep larger oil drums from leaking. These pallets are compatible with 205-litre drums and feature forklift runners which enable easy manoeuvring.

  • IBC Spill Pallets

We have a variety of spill pallets that are able to hold IBC’s (intermediate bulk containers). These can be supplied with or without a grate, and with or without a dispensing area. The grate keeps the IBC’s out of the spill area and the dispensing area is provided to catch any drips or spills when emptying contents from the IBC.

  • All-Weather Spill Pallets

These all-weather spill pallets enable multiple drums or IBC’s to be stored outdoors. The fully sealed roof and sides of the pallet cover, do not allow rainwater to enter the pallet, therefore, stops unnecessary emptying of the spill tray. Also available are fully lockable shutters ensuring extra safety to the internal drums.

Spill Bunds


We offer a range of Spill Bunds, either for long term use or transportation use.

  • Drum Bunded Workfloor

These types of spill containment products are ideal for a longer term and low- profile use. With a height of only 150mm, these are ideal for use in areas where height is restricted.

  • Bunded Drum Transporters

These bunded drums enable clean and safe transportation of oil drums. They are available in horizontal or vertical, both ideal for transporting 205-litre drums and both allowing for any spillages to be caught safely.

  • Dispensing Bunds

This dispensing unit can store drums horizontally for easy emptying of the internal fluids. It is compatible with 205 and 209-litre drums and features forklift runners creating easy manoeuvring.