Eccotarp 1000 Litre Collapsible Containment Tank

Product Code: ETHX1000

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This self-supporting tank is designed to act as a utility water tank or a collection tank for hazardous substances.

Due to its rapid assembly and light weight it can be used for pumping liquids from accidental spillages or as a backup water reservoir for difficult to reach areas.

Manufactured from highly durable PES/PVC coated material with textile reinforcement. The sidewalls have 6mm thick polypropylene reinforcements welded inside.

The material is resistant against chemical and oil substances providing enhanced potential of use in environmental accidents.

The temperature range of use is from -30ºC to +70ºC.

The tank can be erected by a single person in minutes. After erecting the tank, the hexagonal tarp is fixed using special fastening hooks.

When not being used, the tank can be packaged to surprisingly small dimensions making it easy to store.

It is necessary for the tank to be placed on an even surface clear of any sharp objects. To ensure a long lifetime for the tank, it is recommended that the tank is placed on a protective pad.

Pack size 800 x 750 x 100mm

Diameter - mm 750
Height - mm 700
Weight - kg 30