Eccotarp Cargo DP Spill Bund - 300 Litre

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The Cargo spill bund has been specially designed for use in industry and transportation and is the ideal solution when hazardous substances are being transported and there is a risk of environmental contamination.

It is intended for the emergency retrieval of industrial liquids, oil-based products and chemicals in the event of an accidental spill. 

A full pallet can be placed inside the bund allowing it to be used as a protective device when moving pallets loaded with drums or cans 

The corners are not sealed allowing the tarp to easily fold around a pallet while also allowing the pallet to be handled by a fork lift truck or pallet puller.

Each bund is supplied with a level gauge to indicate the amount of liquid collected in the bund.

The cargo bunds are rigid and self-supporting and feature lightweight wall reinforcements and function without the need for steel support cables. It is highly recommended that a protective pad or sheet is used to protect the underside of the spill bund to protect against damage.

The bunds are manufactured from thick fabric with a protective proofing layer (PES/PVC 680 g/m²). They are resistant to oil-based substances, acids and alkalis at temperatures between -30°c and +70°c.

The bund can be assembled from flat packed in only a few minutes. 

Dimensions when packed: 840 x 460 x 80mm

Dimensions when unfolded: 1700 x 1700mm

Basin dimensions: 1240 x 1240 x 225mm

Capacity - Litres 300
Length - mm 1240
Width - mm 1240
Height - mm 225
Weight - kg 7