Eccotarp Collapsible Storage Tank - 35000 Litre

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This high capacity collapsible water tank has many uses including being used as a utility water reservoir or as a collection tank for hazardous substances. It is also widely used by the Fire Service for helicopter firefighting using a Bambi Bucket.

The 30000 litre tank is manufactured from a PES/PVC material which provides excellent resistance to chemical and oil substances and has a safe temperature range of -30°c to +70°c. The robust supporting frame is manufactured from light alloy and stainless steel and features 12 vertical supports and 4 load-bearing legs.

The entire tank can be erected by two people in only a few minutes with no tools required as all parts are connected using specially designed pegs. Fastening lugs are used to tighten and unfold the bottom of the tank and the tank can be anchored to the ground through openings in the folding part.

The tank can be filled quickly using the optional C52 filling elbow which attaches to the upper part of the structure. A fill/discharge valve is located in the bottom part of the tank and allows quick filling or emptying of the tank contents.

It is always highly recommended that the tank is placed on a firm, flat surface free of any sharp objects that may damage the base of the tank. It is always advisable to use a protective pad between the tank and the ground.

When the tank is not being used, it can be packaged to achieve surprisingly small dimensions.

Capacity - Litres 35000
Diameter - mm 5500
Height - mm 1500