Eccotarp ET Large 111 Collapsible Spill Bund - 2500 Litre

Product Code: ETLARGE111

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This collapsible spill bund has an extra-large capacity and has been primarily designed as a mobile environmental device suited to quick response to accidental leaks of hazardous substances that are a threat to the surrounding environment.

It can be used for a variety of applications including preventing leaks of oil or oil based chemicals, removing spilt fuel, decontamination and cleaning vehicles. The bund can also be used for protection against leakages during pumping of fuel or when repairing vehicles. Because of the under-wheel tracks which are included as part of the kit, it is very easy to drive in. Also, included in the kit is a protective pad which sits underneath the bund to enhance the durability of the product.

One of the main advantages of this spill bund is the simplicity in the way it is constructed which allows quick and easy unfolding and all-terrain use.

The bund is manufactured from thick PVC fabric with a special polyethylene protective proofing (PVC 900 g/m2) which is resistant to the effects of industrial fluids, chemicals, hydraulic lubricants and all oil and oil-based products such as fuel, oil, diesel etc.

Dimensions: L 5000 x W 2500 x H 200mm

Dimensions when folded: L 800 x W 1200 x H 150mm

Dimensions of protective pad: L 5500 x W 3000mm

Dimensions of under-wheel tracks: L 6000 x W 600mm

Capacity - Litres 2500
Length - mm 5000
Width - mm 2500
Height - mm 200
Weight - kg 27