Eccotarp ET Large 333 Collapsible Spill Bund - 3600 Litre

Product Code: ETLARGE333

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This collapsible spill bund is designed for quick response to accidental leaks of water, oil based products and chemicals.

The shallow design makes the bund ideal for hard to access areas, such as narrow areas or areas with low headroom.

Thanks to its simple assembly and easy handling, the bund is immediately ready to be used.

Unlike plastic or metal containers it can fit around any object, regardless of shape.

Due to reinforcements in the side walls, the spill bunds are rigid and self-supporting.

They are manufactured from thick fabric with a protective proofing layer (PED/PVC 680 g/m²). They are resistant to oil-based substances, acids and alkalis at temperatures between -30°C and +70°C.

The steel cables are coated with PVC to pass through the stainless-steel hooks and are specially designed for handling the bund.

Each bund is supplied with a built-in level indicator to show the amount of liquid collected in the bund.

Capacity - Litres 3600
Length - mm 6000
Width - mm 3000
Height - mm 200
Weight - kg 40