Eccotarp SDC 05 Absorbent Dispensing Cart

Product Code: SDC05

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This absorbent dispensing cart has been designed to be used when powdered absorbents are required to treat spillages of harmful fluids such as oil products or chemical fluids.

The transmission attached to the drive wheel enables spraying of absorbent only when the unit is being pushed forwards. Reversing the unit will prevent absorbent from being spread.

The absorbent inside the hopper is kept loose by a stainless steel self-aligning agitator and is dispensed by a rotating scoop to ensure an even coverage.

The heavy-duty wheels are made from AlMgSi alloy with a flexible tread designed to optimise the vibration action. The wheels are resistant to the effects of oil and chemicals and the polished steel hubcap of the wheel mechanism is sealed with a rubber gasket.

All freewheel drive components are made of durable heavy-duty stainless steel (500 MPa). A steel bearing unit allows smooth operation and the drive shaft is made of high strength steel.

The handle is height adjustable, extending between 750 and 1300mm and features a blocking device to prevent the handle from coming out accidentally. The handle is made from AISI 304 stainless steel with a plastic-coated grip.

An adjustable anchor keeps the unit stable allowing a single person to fill the hopper. In the retracted position, its width is only 190mm, equal to the width of the unit when folded for storage.

The spread density and breadth control device ensures a breadth of application up to a maximum 440mm by using the profiled spreader plate and two adjusting screws.

Depth - mm 430
Width - mm 620
Height - mm 720