SpillTector Extra Large Spill Tray - 1370 x 2000mm - 32 Litre

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SpillTector Extra Large Replacement Mats:

This SpillTector Extra Large Spill Tray has been designed to fit under substantial plant machinery and tanks to catch and absorb oil, fuel and chemical leaks. It is ideal for use on construction sites, farmyards or any external area where machinery is temporarily sited.

The flexible side walls bounce back which enable the machinery to be easily positioned inside the container with the ultra-strong mesh grid supporting the tray to withstand rigorous use and heavy equipment.

The containments are trapped in the unique absorbent laminate whilst clean water streams away from the unit, meaning work can continue uninterrupted and no harm is caused to the surrounding environment.


  • Flexible tray designed to fit under larger plant and machinery
  • Ideal for use on construction sites and farmyards where machinery is temporarily located
  • Two part system designed to provide both a containment and absorbent solution.
  • Side walls bounce back to allow easy positioning within the tray
  • Ideal for the containment of oil, fuel and AdBlue leaks without interrupting work
  • Size: 1370 x 2000 x 100mm
  • Absorbency of 32 litres each mat
  • Lightweight and user-friendly
  • Can be used in all weather conditions
  • Robust mesh grid enables the tray to withstand heavy machinery
  • Unique absorbent laminate provides maximum environmental protection
  • Available in 4 sizes to suit a range of machinery (see related products)

As well as being lightweight and user-friendly, it is effective in all weather conditions. Each mat has an absorbency of 32 litres and offers excellent protection to sensitive ground. 

When the SpillTector’s oil sorbent mat becomes saturated, simply replace it with a new mat to maintain 100% efficiency.

Absorbency - Per Mat - Litres 32
Length - mm 1370
Width - mm 2000
Height - mm 100