F-SAFE FWF30 Safety Cabinet - Single

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F-Safe Shelf Option: *

Available in a wide range of sizes and styles, these F-SAFE FWF30 secure cabinets provide safe storage of hazardous liquids in work environments. With a 30-minute fire resistance, the surface coating is highly impervious to chemicals and in the event of a blaze, the cabinet will automatically seal through the self-closing ventilation openings positioned at the apex.


  • GS and CE marked
  • Secure space for hazardous substances in work areas
  • 30-minute fire resistance
  • DIN EN 14470, DIN EN 14727 and TRGS 510 approved
  • Surface coating is highly resistant to chemicals
  • Self-seals in the event of a fire
  • Hydraulic Door Closer
  • Earthing to prevent the risk of ignition from static electricity charge
  • Outer body consists of a non-combustible material
  • Removable base trim for forklift or pallet truck access
  • Height-adjustable feet which can be aligned from the inside
  • Single-layer doors and walls in homogenous full material
  • Body colour light grey, similar to RAL 7035. Door colour zinc yellow, similar to RAL 1018.
  • Fully-extending drawers provide additional storage for small containers (load bearing capacity of 65 kg)
  • Three height-adjustable steel plate tray bottoms (load bearing capacity of 75 kg)
  • One steel plate bottom tray with a perforated plate insert
  • 6/20 with bottom tray 20 litre
  • 12/20 with bottom tray 44 litre

Another invaluable safety element is the hydraulic door closer with a thermally triggered integrated arrest system to protect the building occupants and cabinet contents from fire and smoke.

The method of earthing has been implemented to ensure any build-up of static electricity is dissipated before a hazardous electrical discharge can occur and the outer body of the cabinets are made of a fire-retardant material. The height-adjustable feet and removable base trim offer maximum flexibility of space and use with the easy to operate fully-extending drawers offering further capacity for the storage of small containers.

Fronting single-layer doors and walls in corresponding full material, these cabinets also come with three height-adjustable steel plate tray bottoms and one steel plate bottom tray – both powder-finished in RAL 7035.

The design is approved in accordance with DIN EN 14470 and TRGS 510 (Annex 3) * ­- the European Standard governing the internal storage of Highly Flammable substances and the storage of hazardous substances in non-stationary containers. It also adheres to DIN EN 14727, therefore meeting the test requirements of the laboratory furniture standard.

* In accordance with TRGS 510 (Annex 3), the fire resistance may be less than 90 minutes, but must be at least 30 minutes, if 
1. only one cabinet is installed per separate building unit/fire(-fighting) compartment; if the area of the separate building unit/fire (-fighting) compartment is greater than 100 m², one cabinet may be installed every 100 m² 
2. only one of the separate building unit/fire (-fighting) compartment is protected by an automatic fire detection system and plant fire brigade with a response time of at most 5 minutes from the alarm being raised, or an automatic extinguishing system is in place.

Depth - mm 595
Length - mm 595
Height - mm 196