SpillTector Medium Replacement Mats

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SpilltTector Medium Replacement Mats: *

These mats have a unique sorbent laminate which diverts clear rainwater away from the unit and only absorbs oil, fuel and chemical spills. They have been specifically manufactured for the SpillTector Medium Spill Tray and feature a top layer of robust, durable plastic mesh which prevents damage from plant and machinery.

Each mat can absorb 9 litres of fluid and will provide maximum environmental protection, therefore eliminating the requirement to spend time and money on ground remediation.


  • Pack of x2 replacement mats for the SpillTector Medium Spill Tray
  • Unique sorbent laminate traps oil and fuel spillages
  • Rejects rainwater and only absorbs oils, fuels and chemicals
  • Base layer adds secondary protection to escaping water
  • Sturdy plastic mesh allows the mat to withstand heavy use
  • Excellent environmental credentials
  • Each mat has a 9 litre absorbency
  • Available in packs of 2, 5 or 10
Absorbency - Per Mat - Litres 9
Length - mm 660
Width - mm 1010
Height - mm 100