Whale Gusher Urchin BP9005 Manual Fluid Transfer Pump

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This Product is Arriving 16th March 2020

Best suited for pumping warm and cold water or salt water, the BP9005 version of the Gusher Urchin pumps at a flow rate of 55 litres per minute and is fitted with a Neoprene diaphragm.

Designed with versatility in mind, the pump has dual-nozzles that fit 25mm or 38mm hoses.

Lightweight and robust, this pump self-primes when dry and features a swivelling handle that can be used in any direction, ensuring ease-of-use. The clamp ring is easily removed for pump head rotation and quick maintenance


  • 55 litres per minute
  • Removable clamp ring for easy maintenance
  • Versatile design – x2 nozzle sizes
  • Fixed handle
  • Lightweight - 0.6kg
  • Max. suction lift: 4m
  • Max discharge head: 3m

Manufactured from glass-filled polypropylene (pump body), acetal (clamp ring), neoprene (diaphragm), glass-filled Nylon (operating lever), springs and stainless steel (fasteners).

This pump is designed to be permanently secured in place and features x4 holes to enable bolting to a surface. Select a suitable position for installation where the pump can be operated comfortably with the full movement of the handle available.


  • Height: 280mm
  • Width: 247mm
  • Weight: 0.6kg
  • Construction materials: glass-filled polypropylene, acetal, neoprene, glass-filled Nylon, springs and stainless steel

This pump is also suitable as a primary bilge pump on boats equal to or greater than 12m (40ft) in accordance with ISO150831

Please note: it is important that a vented anti-syphon loop is incorporated in the system.

Optional AK9003 Service Kit

Serviceable Spares Kit for the Whale Gusher Urchin Neoprene BP9005

  • Qty 1 Diaphragm
  • Qty 1 Inlet Valve
  • Qty 1 Outlet Valve
  • Qty 2 Circlip Small
  • Qty 2 Circlip Large
Width - mm 247
Height - mm 280