Whale Gusher Urchin ND9010 Manual Fluid & Diesel Transfer Pump

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This Product is Arriving 16th March 2020
Suitable for pumping a variety of liquids including diesel, oil and water, the Gusher Urchin pumps a maximum of 36 litres per minute (at 60 strokes per minute with 1 metre lift) and is fitted with a Nitrile rubber diaphragm. 
Lightweight and robust, this pump self-primes when dry and features a swivelling handle that can be used in any direction, ensuring ease-of-use. The clamp ring is easily removed for pump head rotation and quick maintenance
  • Adjustable
  • Hose connections: 25mm
  • 0.6kg
  • Max. lift: 4m
  • Max. head: 3m
  • Self-primes when dry
  • Smooth pumping action
  • 36 litres per minute
Constructed from moulded acetal, copolymer, glass-filled polypropylene, nylon, stainless steel and nitrile (all of which come into contact with the fluid), this pump is easy to maintain and is available with an optional service kit – AK9011
This pump is designed to be permanently secured in place and features x4 holes to enable bolting to a surface. Select a suitable position for installation where the pump can be operated comfortably with the full movement of the handle available.
Height: 301mm
Width: 249mm
Length: 277mm
Weight: 0.6kg
Construction materials: moulded acetal, copolymer, glass-filled polypropylene, nylon, stainless steel & nitrile
Please note: it is important that a vented anti-syphon loop is incorporated in the system. Users should be aware that capacity may not be sufficient to cope with rapid influx of water.
Optional AK9011 Service Kit

Serviceable Spares Kit for the Whale Gusher Urchin Nitrile ND9010

  • Qty 1 Diaphragm
  • Qty 1 Inlet Valve
  • Qty 1 Outlet Valve
  • Qty 2 Circlip Small
  • Qty 2 Circlip Large
Length - mm 277
Width - mm 249
Height - mm 301