Dirteeze Rough & Smooth Heavy Duty Beaded Wipes - Box of 50 Twin-Packs

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Suitable for use on hands, tools and most surfaces, the Dirteeze Rough & Smooth beaded wipes include a clever blend of skin-safe ingredients, without compromising on cleaning performance. The heavy duty wipes have a high strength to resist tearing when used on rougher surfaces, along with a good level of absorbency when used on liquid spills.

These unique dual-sided wipes feature a micro-beaded surface for lifting tough grime, along with a smooth side for wiping away excess dirt. When used with a scrubbing motion, the micro-beads agitate and loosen any ingrained dirt, grease or adhesives, which are then removed from the surface using the smooth side of the wipe.


  • Pre-moistened wipes
  • Micro-beaded side for lifting grime
  • Smooth side for wiping away dirt
  • High strength for use on rougher surfaces
  • Good absorbency with liquid spills
  • Skin-patch tested as safe to use on skin
  • Dermatologically tested, anti-bacterial, with added aloe vera for keeping hands moisturised
  • Conforms with EC1223/2009 Cosmetic Directive

The box contains 50 twin-pack sachets of dual-sided wipes which are suitable for a range of different cleaning uses and applications.

Key applications

  • Use on hands, tools machinery and most surfaces
  • Oils and greases
  • Adhesives
  • Water-based paints
  • Inks
  • Expanding foam
  • Dirt and grime