Eccotarp Foldable Drain Cover - 75 x 63cm

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This foldable drain cover has been designed for when quick protection of drains is required. In the event of a spill or leak, it can be quickly and efficiently deployed to prevent dangerous liquids from entering the sewage system. 

The cover works by using a simple physical effect of pressure difference. Liquids tend to enter the sewer through the openings but also through looseness at the edge of the sewer. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to place a barrier there which is safely sealed. A thin, highly flexible foil which is exposed to hydrostatic pressure thus creating perfect adhesion to even irregular surfaces and edges is used and is highly resistant to chemicals.

The drain cover is applied to a grate by attaching the cover with its membrane side down with the inspection side facing upwards. 

The unique advantages of this cover include the possibility of repeated use, easy and versatile application to all types of grates and it is easily foldable.

These drain covers can be used with all regular grate types, even long or slit grates as the covers perfectly seal even if they overlap each other.

Materials: Magnetic isotropic foil 0.9mm, special flexi PUR foil 0.06mm, PES/PVC foil.

Depth - mm 90
Length - mm 750
Width - mm 630
Weight - kg 1.5