Eccotarp Magnetic Drain Cover - 51cm x 51cm

Product Code: MDC01

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This simple, lightweight and reusable product is designed to protect sewers and drains from spillages of hazardous liquids therefore helping to prevent damage to the environment.

The adhesive magnetic film firmly fixes to all steel and cast steel surfaces once they are free of mechanical impurities.

Highly efficient when applied to flat and smooth surfaces. Its efficiency may be reduced when the drain cover is not on the same level as its immediate surroundings.

Due to the hydrostatic pressure and specific properties of the drain cover, its adhesion increases in proportion to the depth of the liquid contained by it.

The magnetic film has permanent magnetic properties and if stored correctly, will remain magnetic for a very long time.

The drain cover is flexible and is resistant to weather, oil based products, diluted acids and alkalis.

Physical properties of the material: Isotropic magnetic film with permanent magnetic properties. Maximum pressure 52 g/cm², thickness 0,7 ±0,9 mm, colour: black, temperature span from -20°C to 80°C.

It is recommended that the drain cover is stored at room temperature.

Depth - mm 90
Length - mm 510
Width - mm 510
Weight - kg 0.8