Flood Cube Sandless Sandbags - Pack of 40

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  • Water activated flood barrier which provides flood protection for domestic and commercial properties
  • Activate the Flood Cube by submerging in water using a sink, bucket or even flood water
  • Partial activation in 3 minutes, full activation in 5 minutes – depending on water temperature and flow rate 
  • Comes vacuum packed for easy storage
  • Built to be stacked on top of each other, enabling you to build a flood defence that can redirect the flood water – max height of 1.2m
  • Carry handles make it easy to transport
  • 5-year shelf life providing the product remains unopened 

An affordable and safe tool for homes, shops, offices or building sites to protect against or divert flood water. As the Flood Cubes are so small and lightweight, they can be stored in preparation for floods and activated at very short notice.

Simply submerge each Flood Cube in water to activate it. You can use a sink, bathtub, buckets or even the flood water itself. The cube will absorb the water and increase to a size of 400 x 360 x 150mm. It should reach this size in approximately 5 minutes.

You can stack the cubes to a height of 1.2m allowing you to build a wall to protect property or building sites from flooding. Along with the 5 minutes activation time, the Flood Cube is ideal for flood prevention.

UK Flood Statistics

  • 5.2 million people live in immediate flood risk areas or areas that are susceptible to surface water flooding
  • 1 in 6 homes are at risk of flooding
  • 40% of businesses do not reopen after suffering a catastrophic loss after a flood
  • Flooding and managing it costs the UK around £2.2 billion each year
  • The mental health impact of flooding can last for more than 2 years