Max 60 Light Duty Box 176 sheets 30 x 42cm

Product Code: MAX60B176

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The Max60 is a high quality light duty wipe with reusable properties. Each wipe has added strength over paper wipes, making them particularly suitable for cleaning up lower volume oil and dirt, cleaning glass surfaces and for general cleaning maintenance.


  • Standard MAX60 60gsm non woven wiper
  • Light to medium duty industrial grade wiper
  • High water and oil absorbency
  • Standard Tensile and abrasion resistance
  • Biodegradable
  • Cost effective Industrial grade wiper
  • Soft and re-usable properties

The pop-up box contains 176 sheets of single-ply wipes which are suitable for a range of different light duty uses and applications.

Key applications

  • Cleaning lower volume oil and dirt
  • Applying lubricants
  • Cleaning glass surfaces
  • General maintenance of mechanical equipment
  • Common cleaning applications with added strength over paper
  • Clean-up of light spills and liquids