The Eccotarp Spill Containment Range – Available At Pro Spill

Our extensive range of Eccotarp products consist of high-quality spill bunds, drip trays and spill containment tanks that are specifically designed to catch and contain contaminants. We have recently become one of the few distributors of the Eccotarp range in the UK.

The Eccotarp Range

The Eccotarp drip trays offer an easy and accessible solution to catching leaks, drips or small spillages. As opposed to rigid drip trays, they are foldable, allowing them to be easily transported and stored. For clean workshops, garages or factories, drip trays are an essential accessory.

Eccotarp foldable drip tray features an interchangeable liner & start from £62.39

The spill bunds are equally collapsible and are designed to fit around any object, regardless of shape. They are fully resistant to oil-based substances, acids and alkalis at temperatures between -30°C and +70°C. Prices from £129.35 (ex. VAT).

The collapsible spill bunds are designed for a quick response to accidental leaks

The large spill bunds allow vehicles to be driven over them as opposed to rigid bunds which would break under the weight. This allows cars and vans to be washed without chemicals or oils escaping into the surrounding environment.

The large Eccotarp spill bund is easily collapsible to help for storage

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