What Type Of Spill Kit Should I Choose?

It’s a frequently asked question and it’s a common issue encountered by customers looking for spill products. Across the spill absorbents industry, there are different product types which relate to the quality, construction and performance of the spill products. They can normally be grouped on a “good, better and best” basis.

The main difference between our product types is the level of absorption, put simply, our Premium range of absorbents absorb more fluid than the equivalent Economy range product. However, this doesn’t mean that the Economy range is not an effective spill absorption product and can provide sufficient performance in a number of applications.

Why would you choose a Premium product over an Economy product?

This depends on how frequently you will be using the absorbents. If you are a regular user of spill absorbents, we would recommend the Premium range. They offer the best performance and absorbency time and time again.

Our Premium absorbents produce less waste, as fewer items are required to absorb a spill. They also take up less storage space, as they can absorb a higher volume of fluids per item.

If you’re a less frequent user, the Economy and Economy Plus range, can be a more cost effective option. Also if storage space is less of a concern, they can provide a good quality spill solution.

We offer x3 types of absorbent products:


Our entry level range offers a competitive balance between performance and value for money. They absorb less fluid per item but are cheaper than the equivalent Economy Plus and Premium products.

Economy Plus

Our Economy range of products are the all-round, established choice for everyday spill control. This ideal combination of performance and endurance is achieved by using the thickest spunbond coverstock for strength and durability, allied to a high loft filling for maximum absorbency. In comparison to our Economy range:

15% more absorbent
12% more efficient 2 second absorption


This is our “top of the range” product offering the best levels of absorption, performance and strength.

Absorbency, strength and wicking capability all a class-leading third better than higher-priced alternatives; unmatched cost-effectiveness, no compromise on performance. In comparison to our Economy range:

50% more absorbent
25% reduced wicking time

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